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Coco Log
Bu 101
Bu 102
Bu 103
Bu 1041
Coir Logs are long coir knotted netting filled with coir fiber. Coir Logs are widely used on stream banks, seashores, and Lake Shores for controlling the sand slide. It is also used in desert areas for controlling sand overcomes.
Coir Logs can be cut into sections and stacked for stream bank stabilization, fluid containment, or used separately for check structures.

Water diversion
Sediment filtration
Silt pond construction
Spill containment
Sand Control
Stream Bank stabilization
Flood control
Coast Erosion control

Usual Size: 30cm Dia mtr X 4 or Mtr length
Available Size: 20 cm to 60 cm Dia mtr and 1 mtr to 6 mtr length.
Coco Bed
Bu 105

Plant Pallets are 100% Biodegradable coir beds for growing seedlings and saplings. The special structure of plant pallets enables easy transportation of pallets with plants to the sites, where we need vegetation.

Usual Size: 80Cm X 120cm, 100Cm X200cm, 100Cm X 500Cm
Thickness: 5cm and 10cm