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We are proudly offering our In-house production of a wide range of PVC Backed Coir Doormat. These mats are very high demanded in the market and also available in different sizes with attractive designs. Also we can supply in standard roll size as per buyers requirements. In Europe, USA and around the glob are Oftenly use this as entrance matting.

PVC backed coir mat is made by High quality Alleppey Coir Yarn in firmly anchored into a strong 2.6 – 3.4mm damp proof and non skid PVC base by a special moulding process. Durable Coir tufts give excellent scraping qualities and Slip resistant flexible PVC backing.

The mats are cut using computerized automatic cutting machines that ensures clean edges. The PVC backing allows for completely accurate cutting of the mats to the desired sizes, and eliminates the potential public hazard caused by ill-fitting mats. It can be also cut to your desired shapes in any sizes, curved or straight and it gives us a completely clean and secure edge that will not fray. And it is easy to clean and highly durable

Natural Coir colour
Dyed Coir Colours – Available in Black, Red, Blue, Brown and Grey for bulk quantity

Available thicknesses:
15mm, 17mm, 20mm, 23mm, 28mm, 30mm depth mats

Standard sizes:
35 x 60Cms
40 x 60Cms
40 x 70Cms
45 x 75Cms
Customized sizes and shapes available

For Vinyl backed Rolls – 1m x 12.50Mtr & 2m x 12.50Mtr 

Vacuum regularly to remove captured dirt and grit, or alternatively, lift and shake out the dust, grit and loose fibers. 

  • Thickness - 15mm to 30mm 
  • Surface 100% natural coir
  • PVC vinyl back
  • Commercial Grade - heavy use
  • Non-Fraying and skidding
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Excellent for all indoor & out door use
  • Great for brushing dirt as walked across
Loadability based on 20ft container
PVC backed coir mat 35 x 60cm 40 x 70cm 45 x 75cm
9000 pcs
6700 pcs
5600 pcs
8000 pcs
6100 pcs
4900 pcs
7000 pcs
5200 pcs
4200 pcs
5800 pcs
4500 pcs
3700 pcs