Coir Woven Mats
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PVC Backed Coir Mats /Matting
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      PVC Coir Rolls
Rubber Doormats
Rubber/Coir Combination Mats
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Coir Rugs
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Handicraft Items

Handicraft Items
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Bv 102
Bv 103
Bv 104
Bv 105 Bv 106 Bv 107 Bv 108
We proudly offer quality and customized products as per the requirement of our customers. These products are made by using natural fibers, which ensures the durability of our products. We ensure the quality during the production and all our products are of reasonable price.

Product range:-
Grass Table mats, Grass Baskets, Banana Fiber Baskets, Banana Fiber Table Mats, Jute bags, Screw pine Table mats, Screw pine Baskets, and lots more…